My week: 29

My week: 29
Why I can’t I have a three day work week every week? It was so lovely. 


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*Atmosfear – an awesome board game me and the bf found at the car boot last sunday. We may have played it three times already this week!
*Me and the bf went and saw Brave. I have to say, I was not expecting the plot to go where it did.
*The best bathroom stall graffiti I’ve seen.
*Fab Cafe. Try the skittles shots.
*The bf with the brightest ice cream ever!
*The brightest laser light ever!
*The brightest teeth ever! UV lights just so you know. 
Me and the bf decided to drive back to Manchester on the Monday so that we could just chill out on the Tuesday. We stopped at Meadowhall on the way again and had Yo Sushi which was delicious as usual. Then we went to the cinema and had a nice meal on the Tuesday. 
Also ended up going out on Friday night for a friend’s 25th birthday. We all went to one of our old hangouts and felt very old. I swear everyone in there looked about 12. Still had a jolly good time though. The birthday boy came and stayed round ours that night so me, Claire and the bf decided to balloon avalanche  his door. For those of you who haven’t heard of the term, look here. Very funny idea – got to love Pinterest. 
Don’t know how I’m going to cope with having to work a full week now (ah first world problems) but it’s quite exciting that it’s September now. As much as I love summer, this season is awesome. Halloween, bonfire night, christmas, layering clothes, hot drinks – I love it. 
What’s your favourite thing about Autumn and Winter?

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