My week: 34

My week: 34
It’s been one exciting week! Mainly because of my new shop in Afflecks but also because it’s almost Christmas! Woo! (feel like such a kid!)

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*My shop!
*Claire multi-tasking like a boss! Thanks for all the help!
*Claire almost broke her ankle on Wednesday which lead me, the bf and Ant on an adventure to 3 hospitals between 11pm & 1am to find her. We found her. 
*Affleck’s Xmas party. I won a bottle of Chardonnay in the raffle. Score!
*The bf with our GIANT gingerbread man. They’re only £2.50 in Greggs. 
*A new Charles doodle
*Dominos feeding the bf’s pizza and lord of the rings addiction simultaneously 
*Ikea gingerbread house that advertised on the sign next to them “coming with everything you need”…open the box late last night to find only pieces of gingerbread house. Nothing to stick and nothing to decorate. Needless to say we just consumed the thing in it’s collapsed state. Mmm gingerbread. 
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 
How was your week?

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