My week returns: Week #1

My week returns: Week #1


My macaron addiction has returned!

Part of my moving my blog over to WordPress has involved the painstaking process of changing all my photos to Flickr links. This has allowed me to see how my posting style has changed over the three years I’ve been blogging. I completely forgot that I used to do regular update posts. The reason why I stopped was down to my 365 project last year which took over. 

Now that that project is finished, I’m going to start doing my bi-weekly roundup posts again as I miss them and realise looking back at this year so far that I don’t know exactly what I’ve been up to each week. So I’m bringing it back. Deal with it! 🙂 

So the biggest things over the last couple of weeks included participating in the Bloggers Market MCR. I made a decent profit – enough to go and buy a few new pieces for my wardrobe – and hope there will be another in the future. I’ve still got an overflowing wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit!
I really didn’t need to go to the trouble but I wanted to make my own collage tags to put prices on my clothes for the market. I had a blast making them. What do you think?
One of my inbox regulars is the email from Groupon advertising deals on anything from spa days to cat tree’s which we couldn’t help ourselves but purchase this week. I was in the market for a new scratching post as the kittens are way too big for theirs now and saw the deal on this cat tree. Yes, that did escalate quickly! 
But considering a scratching post is around £15-£20 for a basic one and a cat tree of this size costs around £70 from the high street, we couldn’t refuse the price of £40 for this one below. 

It’s 5ft tall and the kittens love it. Especially now that the sun is out. Now the only thing is sharing the parts that the sun hits! 

It’s been awhile since we had a meal out, but we needed to celebrate Topher getting a job with more hours and much closer to home which will save him commuting for at least 2 hours a day. Woo hoo! So it was to Yo Sushi, followed by macarons (of course!). 
This was at the Trafford Centre where I got a couple of things with my market money which I will show very soon! For now, I can only show you the Zara bag that Pickles claimed! Not for sale. 
So that was my fortnight. How was yours?

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