New York City Honeymoon Travel Diary

Time for the barrage of honeymoon posts. Totally not sorry. First stop, New York

New York City baby! As mentioned before, I’ll be doing separate posts just for the food because there was a lot of it and it was hard enough choosing photos for this post. Sorry for the subsequent photo bomb.

So New York was at both the beginning and end of our trip. We did 2 days and an evening at the beginning, followed by 2 and a half days at the end.

Day 1 (kinda)

Our flight arrived in JFK around 4.30pm local time so after immigration we hopped on the subway to Manhattan to our first hotel. Why not a taxi? It’s $50 which compared to around $16.50 for two of us to use the Airtrain and the subway seemed like a no brainer. We weren’t in a massive rush and had hand luggage only so it wasn’t a problem. I’d watched a Youtube video on how to use the subway so it was pretty easy.

After checking into our hotel in Midtown on 6th avenue and freshening up we headed over to the Empire State Building to tick off our first landmark.

New York - empire state

The views were absolutely incredible. It was my third time heading up in my life (Topher’s first) but it was my very first time going at night and I loved it.

New York - empire state building view

Then we were off to a late dinner, passing the Flatiron building along the way.

New York - Flatiron building

Bellies full we headed back to the hotel and collapsed.

Day 1 (the real day 1)

Up bright and early (I love east to west jet lag) we hopped on the subway downtown to see the Statue of Liberty. A first for the both of us. If you’re not interested in actually going to the island I fully recommend getting the Staten Island Ferry as it goes right past and it’s free. We wanted to go inside so we purchased tickets online about a month and a half earlier.

Unfortunately we didn’t get them in advance enough to get access to the crown but I just wanted to go inside so we got Pedestal tickets which also gives you access to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum. If you’re desperate to get as far up as you can, book as soon as you can as they only let a few hundred people up there a day.

New York - state of liberty

We wandered all around the island and the mini museum inside the pedestal before getting the ferry over Ellis Island. This was something I was really looking forward to as it’s awesome to think of the amount of immigrants who went through this building so they could get a new life.

New York - ellis island

Back in Manhattan we had lunch then walked to see Wall Street before getting the subway to our next destination.


Washington Square Arch! It’s so cool being able to see landmarks that you’ve only seen in the films before.

New York - washington square arch

New York - east village

Later in the afternoon we arrived on 6th avenue to go to Rockefeller Center and go to the Top of the Rock.

New York - Radio City

It’s tall!

New York - rockerfeller centre

I found the Jordanian flag!


Though I loved the view from the Empire State Building, it did fall slightly short of the view from the Top of the Rock. Mainly because the Empire State itself could be part of the view. I’m glad we chose to see one during the day and one at night. It was pretty gloomy that day and the ticket office tried to advise us not to go as it was raining but we just said “Don’t worry, we’re British.” Sure, if you wanted to see for miles it was too gloomy for that, but we saw everything we wanted to see, including the Statue of Liberty.

New York - top of the rock

New York - central park from above

After dinner we decided to head to the iconic Times Square. It was busy and chucking it down with rain. We got our selfies then ducked into the Disney Store for shelter.

New York - times square

Magical points to who can say which film this character is from!

New York - disney store

Day 1 over, time for bed.

Day 2

We started the day at the Museum of American Natural History where we spent the morning taking selfies with dinosaur bones before heading to the East Village for lunch. Topher spotted some awesome street art (good Instagram husband, good) which I had to get a pic of.

New York - mickey street art

Then in the afternoon it was time for our helicopter tour! I was really excited about this and Topher was super nervous about it. Funny considering he was the one who suggested it.

New York - helicopter

New York - topher and diane

It was a bit scary when we first left the helipad but the views were amazing and even Topher had a great time. We shared our helicopter with another British family.

New York - helicopter tour

New York - helicopter view

Then the evening we went to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway which was really great. Since we’ve seen it in London too it was really interesting to see the difference. This version had a lot more jokes and the acting was a tad over the top at times but I had a blast. Topher and I were singing Masquerade to each other for days after! Shame, shame, shame.

Then we were off to San Francisco the following morning. When we returned to New York late on day 12 of our trip, we checked into our hotel in Chelsea.

Day 3 (technically day 13 of the trip)

We started the day with breakfast out, followed by a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge – another dream achieved!

New York - diane on brooklyn bridge

New York - brooklyn bridge


New York - dumbo

Unfortunately due to the slight gloom, you could only make out the Empire State Building with your naked eye. Even in editing I couldn’t get the thing to appear. Oh well, we saw it and that’s all that matters.

So this is the part of the trip where I dropped the ball a little. I planned so much but I didn’t really plan on how to get to Williamsburg where we were wanting to have lunch from DUMBO. All I knew was that it was about an hour and 15 minute walk from where we were and there was no direct subway there.

So off we went. We’d already walked across Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge and according to the map, this looked about the same distance. Well, it wasn’t! It was two roads and they went on forever! We toyed with renting the city bikes but they cost a lot so we decided to soldier on. This is when it got really hot and there was nothing but residential apartment blocks around. Nothing pretty to look at and no where for a bathroom break. Torture. This is my dissatisfied face.

New York - annoyed in brooklyn

We laughed about it though and when we eventually reached Williamsburg it was great. I think I’ll eventually have to do a separate post about all the street art we found. Plus the view of Manhattan was really pretty.

New York - manhattan from brooklyn

Afterwards we headed back to our hotel to freshen up (seriously needed!) before going out for dinner.

Day 4/14

We started the day walking the High Line in Chelsea which was really cool.

New York - the high line

New York - view from the high line

I loved that you can still see the original train tracks.

New York - original railway tracks

We then had a wander around Chelsea Market (I bought a new bullet journal!) before having lunch.

New York - chelsea market

It was then a trek up 5th ave to see Grand Central Terminal and eventually Central Park. We actually got diverted on the way to Central Park as it turned out Trump was in town for the UN meeting and all the streets around his tower were cordoned off. I think Topher said it best, “And I thought he couldn’t annoy me any more!”

New York - grand central terminal

New York - central park

For dinner we hopped on the subway back to the East Village before retiring early for some much needed rest.

Day 5/15

This was the last day and also the day we gave up. Topher’s feet in particular gave up so I had to adapt our plans. This was a challenge as we had to check out of our hotel that morning and couldn’t simply sleep in. We needed somewhere we could hang out for a considerable amount of time. So I racked my brains and came up with the New York Public Library.

New York - public library

The reading room was gorgeous and perfect for what we needed. Topher sat and watched videos on his phone while I set up my bullet journal. Happy as a clam!

New York - reading room

New York - bullet journal

After that we grabbed some food before picking up our stored bags at the hotel and getting the subway back to JFK for our flight at 9.30pm.

We had an amazing time and no doubt we’ll go back one day. I heart New York!

I’ll be posting my food adventures on Wednesday.

Have you ever been to New York? How did you find it?


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  • Sarah
    26th September 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Looks like you had an amazing trip – adding New York to my bucket list xx

    • Diane
      27th September 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Definitely do! There’s so much more to see πŸ™‚ x

  • karen
    26th September 2017 at 11:27 pm

    looks like you had an amazing that! no matter how many times i go, that skyline always looks incredible

    • Diane
      27th September 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Definitely agree there! I loved it πŸ™‚ x

  • Claire
    27th September 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Looks like a great time. I’m so glad you both enjoyed it, and I’m impressed with the Disney drop-ins (that owl is part of the reason I love sleeping Beauty so much).
    Looking forward to reading more!


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