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There are many kind of programs and schemes these days that can enable you to travel the world, and do something positive and helpful while doing so. Whether you want to meet new people, gain some skills and experience to put on your CV or just really have the hunger to explore, here are some ideas for you. Included in the list are many opportunities that are volunteer or work based and are not purely for pleasure. This is just because this is an affordable way to travel, and a great way to meet people and get integrated into the places that you visit.


This stands for “teaching English as a foreign Language”. With this you can go practically any where, Asia is a popular destination, and even South America too. Through this program you can gain a teaching qualification, and get taught some basic teaching and learning skills, then you find somewhere that will host you. This is probably the most popular programme of this kind, and as a result, is often requested specifically by host countries.


Camp America

If you don’t mind children, or working extremely hard for your summer, this might be great for you. You pay an initial fee, get interviewed and can choose the kind of summer camp you want at in the USA. Many people choose this because you make the money back that you initially pay, and have time to travel America after you finish a the summer camp. You have 30 days left of your visa after you finish camp, so you can travel about and do an you please. For countries that require visas, this can be a great way to travel, and a very rewarding experience too. Not to mention a great way to meet travel buddies as well.



This is a much shorter experience than the previous two, and allows you some more flexibility with travel. The company name stands for “world wide organisation of organic farming” and does what it says on the tin. With this program you work on farms all over the world, in exchange for somewhere to stay. This is great for travelers, but also one of the motivations of the company is to promote way of farming organically, and pass on this information to others. If you want to get outdoors, and don’t want to commit to these linger programs, this would be great for you. As many volunteer travel opportunities can be difficult, it’s worth keeping in mind travel costs and funding before you make your decision. It’s worth saving, working lots, or considering options like debt consolidation secured loans. This can ease your mind when travelling, as you won’t be worrying about ramping up costs.


Travelling is an amazing opportunity, and is well worth it, so it should be savoured.

Experiences like these can shape us as people, and it is great to get out there and see the world. Programs like these make this experience very accessible and give your travelling some structure, so you can get the most from your experience.    


*This is a collaborative post.

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  • Diana
    8th November 2017 at 12:14 am

    I couldn’t agree more! I earned my TEFL for this very reason, and am excited to be able to use it abroad. Thank you for this inspiring post xx


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