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Osaka: Our Japan Food Diary

We only spent one day in Osaka (not including Universal Studios) but we packed a whole lot of food in. Osaka is known for it’s street food so we had a long list of Osaka food we wanted to try. Here’s what we ate:


While we waited for our hotel check in time to come around, we hung out in a Starbucks with out luggage. I had my first matcha frappuccino and it was everything. Topher got a some form of a chocolate cookie frappuccino.

osaka food - starbucks

Breakfast: Japanese Bakery

osaka food - japanese bakery

For our first morning in Osaka we were on the hunt for a bakery. I watched a lot of Youtube videos before we went so I knew that we definitely had to make it to a Japanese bakery at least once. This one was in an underground shopping mall attached to Nippombashi station.

osaka food - melon pan

We got a couple of pastries each. I had to try some melon pan which I already tried in Tokyo but as part of an ice cream sandwich. This one did not disappoint!

Topher also got this what I’m just going to call “breakfast bread” which he said was perfect for what he needed that morning. It was basically bread with bacon and egg embedded into it which would be ideal for on the go.

osaka food - breakfast bread

Street Food

Our lunch was from a stall we found on the walk to Osaka castle. It sold different meats and seafood on sticks as well as corn on the cob. Topher went for the corn and I got this squid like thing which we weren’t sure what it was exactly. We called it sea bacon and left it at that. Both were tasty!

osaka food - corn
osaka food - sea bacon

Osaka Castle was also the location in which we discovered Bikkle. As we went along our trip we tried many different drinks from the vending machines we found. But none other led us on a hunt that would last the rest of the trip like this drink. Anywhere we saw it after this, we got it.

osaka food - bikkle

If you like Yakult or Actimel, you’ll love Bikkle. It’s like those drinks but with more of a fruity edge to it. If you want to see us try it, check out the Osaka vlog at 18.51.

Uncle Rikuro – Japanese Cheesecake

osaka food - uncle rikuro

A few years ago I saw a photo of a Japanese cheesecake on Pinterest and knew one day I’d have to try it. I pinned it to my board and fast forward to this year I finally got to try it. Uncle Rikuro is a very popular chain for this type of cheesecake and all those people in the photo above are lining up for a fresh one.

osaka food - cheesecake

I read that you could get slices of the cheesecake inside but they weren’t as fresh. We took a gamble and bought a whole one for the two of us hoping we’d like it and be able to finish it. Our hotel was nearby so we ran back to it to try it out.

Look how big it is! Luckily it was light, fluffy and we ate a chunk of it there and then before saving the rest for breakfast the next day. There was a mini fridge in the room.

I wouldn’t recommend trying it if you’re expecting a Western cheesecake because it’s definitely not that. No cheesiness to it in the slightest. I’d heard it described as a sweet omelette but trust me it tasted better than that sounds! In the vlog I linked above, we try this right after Bikkle so keep watching it if you want to see our thoughts on the screen.

osaka food - cheesecake feast


osaka food - takoyaki

Takoyaki is an Osaka speciality that you must try if you come here. Unless you’re vegetarian! Takoyaki is dough balls with pieces of octopus inside. Tako means octopus and Yaki means fried. Drizzled on top is usually Japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce (kind of like worcestershire sauce tasting) and bonito flakes which are made from dried fish.

They are made all over the place in Osaka and my number one tip when eating is to bite a small air hole in a ball so it can cool down a bit. I’ve watched too many people shove one in their mouth only to get burned. Topher fell victim to this!


osaka food - gyoza

I was unable to try these as they contained pork but Topher said they were delicious! These were on Dotonbori Street. You would be able to find other types elsewhere that don’t contain pork but I just didn’t do too much research into it as there were other kinds of food I was more excited by.

Kobe Beef

osaka food - kobe beef

We didn’t have time on this trip to visit the actual city of Kobe so I was pleased to find this shop that did it in Dotonbori. This beef was expensive but so delicious!


osaka food - taiyaki

We found this shop on the way back to our hotel and I was so pleased as this was on my list of things to try. Taiyaki is a cake shaped like a fish which is traditionally filled with red bean paste. Though these days there are more things you can find them filled with like custard for example.

I went with the traditional type and it was so nice. I really enjoy red bean paste as it is sweet without being overly rich. It’s great to finish a dessert and not feel sick!


osaka food - oden

We didn’t actually have this but I took the photo to remind myself to try it next time. We were too full at this point to squeeze anything else in. Oden is popular in the winter and consists of a broth where you can add in any of the items in this photo. Things like fish cakes, boiled eggs, daikon etc.

Tohato – Random snack!

osaka food - tohato

We bought this on the same day but didn’t try until the next day when we got back from Universal Studios. Emma asked us to bring a couple of bags back for her as she loved them when we came to Japan in 2017. We ended up getting a bag for us as well and I’m glad we did.

Tohato Caramel Corn are “crunchy corn bites covered in a super thin caramel glaze (making them sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet), as well as roasted peanuts for a hint of savoury umami flavour.” There seem to be a few different types/flavours but this is the one we tried this time. If you’re ever in Japan pick yourself up a bag, they’re so moreish!

And that’s everything we ate in Osaka.

Stay tuned for my next instalment where we head to Hiroshima.

If you can’t wait for that I’m happy to tell you that all of our Japan vlogs are up on my Youtube channel. Enjoy!

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