Outfit Post: Polkadot Addict

My oh my it has been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Over a year to be precise. Considering this used to be one of my main features way back when I begun this blog, it’s funny how things change. It’s been a bit of a rough year for my wardrobe and I don’t really shop as much as I used to so it feels like I’ve just been wearing the same thing over and over again the last few years. But I hope to do some more of these – re-working old clothes into new outfits so wish me luck!

Btw, thanks to my lovely fiancé Topher for taking these photos. You actually did a pretty good job considering you’re usually the one with his thumb over the lens. We’ll make an Instagram husband out of you yet, mwhahahaha.

Dress – ASOS, Cardigan, Necklace and belt – New Look, Bag – Accessorize, Tights and Boots – Primark

This dress is an old faithful that I got for £11 in the sale at ASOS a few years ago. Of course being an individual who rocks a lot of polkadots, it’s still one of my favourites. I’m actually wearing it backwards in these photos. The real front is a round neck which isn’t as flattering for my shape so I just cut out the label and wear it backwards. And speaking of old faithfuls, this New Look cardigan is my best friend. Its my third one (first one I accidentally left on a train and the second one I lost weight and shrunk out of) and it comes in all different colours. So versatile!

I still love this camera bag from Accessorize even though it’s not exactly practical. I prefer a larger bag but this time I actually managed to fit my purse phone and keys in there so that was an achievement! My purse isn’t exactly small.

Primark has actually impressed me with it’s footwear these last few months. In need of some boots to go with my Darth Vader costume for Halloween I set off to Primark to find something cheap. Well these weren’t exactly cheap for £18 I think it was but wow they have definitely earned their keep. I have worn them to death this winter as they are pretty much the only waterproof shoes I own at the moment. My River Island lovelies bit the dust and my brown knee highs I got from Office about 5 years ago finally died. Definitely invest with shoes so they last!

What are your old faithfuls in your wardrobe?

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