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Packing challenge

On my way to Jordan I have to fly down to London (cheaper than the train!) and that requires hand luggage only. For a 10 day holiday. Packing challenge accepted! I could just do a load of outfit post of all my outfits but I painted them instead. It’s a visual list and it was fun to do. Plus to be honest it was still hot a couple of days ago and I was sweaty enough from running around the house to go trying on all my outfits!

Packing challenge - paints

It’s my first time painting clothes so I don’t think I did too much of a bad job. Practise makes perfect right? Anyway, onto the clothes. From previous packing challenges I have learned to pick a couple of basics and work my way around them. So in this case its trousers. The jegging and the palazzo pant. Both are comfortable and versatile as well as giving me two very different shapes. Plus I can’t go a whole 10 days without wearing a dress.

I’ll be bringing for coverups a black cardigan and a crochet waistcoat so I can throw them over pretty much everything I’m bringing for those cooler evenings and to keep my wardrobe modest since it’s a Muslim country. Since Jordan is hot at the moment, my shoes don’t need to be too bulky. So I picked my tan peep toes that I’ve been wearing to death, my yellow sling backs that look great with all the blue tops and a pair of flip flops for the pool. I always bring a formal dress and shoes as there’s always an occasion to wear them while I’m there.

Packing challenge - painted dresses

As for tops in this packing challenge, I stick with the same colour palette of red for the palazzo pants and blue for the jeggings. It makes both packing and getting dressed in the morning so much easier. It’s like a mini capsule wardrobe. Also, so that I’m not just wearing stuff that’s too similar, I threw in an extra colour into the mix. This midi skirt is ideal and can be worn with the black vests and even a couple of the red tops, depending on my mood. It’s good to have things that mix and match when you do sometimes want something different.

Packing challenge - painted items

As well as these clothes, I have to make room for things like pjs, my swimsuit and bare minimum toiletries. Anything I’m missing I can just buy there. Of course my suitcase is only small but it’s amazing how much you can fit in it. To save space and avoid creasing, roll your clothes and you’ll have less chance of ironing and more space.

Packing challenge - can't stop won't stop

Well it’s less than 24 hours and I’ll be seeing my family. I can’t wait! As I’ve got a horrible trapped nerve that is affecting my arm (typing is not good for it) – I have scheduled all my posts for over my holiday so I’ll be around on social media when I can but I’m taking some time off to rest. Phew! Have a good couple of weeks and I’ll see you in non pre-planned robot form when I return!

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