Pickles and Luna: 2 Years On

I cannot believe that my babies have now been in my life for 2 years now! This time in 2015 I had only owned Pickles and Luna for a few days but Topher and I were already smitten. It feels like we’ve had them forever. Here’s when we got themΒ and my update last year on their one year anniversary.



Pickles Loves

  • His food…and Luna’s food and anything that involves food
  • Olives – this totally confused us when we got some green olives in one day but it turns out that there’s something in them that is pretty much the same as catnip!
  • Morning and evening cuddles under the covers – but only with me. Such a mummy’s boy!
  • Luna – anywhere she’s sleeping he’ll squeeze himself in and cuddle up to her.
  • Locking himself in the bathroom by jumping up against the door.

pickles sleeping

Pickles Hates

  • Loud noises – the vacuum is his nemesis!
  • When anyone knocks at the door
  • When Topher and I go to sleep at night – he seems to like demanding attention at all hours.


Luna Loves

  • Head bops
  • Screaming upstairs by herself for no reason
  • Playing with anything – whether it’s moving or not
  • Casually clawing my legs when she wants to sit on my lap
  • Pickles. Even though he annoys her sometimes, she’ll happily wash his head when he’s curled up next to her.
  • Sitting outside the bathroom door while Pickles is locked inside
  • Sitting on the Playstation because it is made of warm. She’s even figured out how to turn it on!

Luna cape

Luna Hates

  • Being picked up unless she’s on her side and you immediately start kissing her head
  • New people – she will hide for at least an hour until curiosity gets the better of her
  • Closed doors – which was fun when I was redecorating. So much meowing!


I love them both so much! Such a cat lady. Here’s to another year of love, fluff and laughs!

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