Pickles and Luna: One year on

Pickles and Luna


On this day last year, we became a family – a weird furry family. Topher and I became parents to fur-babies Pickles and Luna. They were 8 & 9-week-old kittens that were so tiny I still can’t believe it. It’s been a lovely year with the two of them in our lives and it’s amazing how much pets can make a house feel like a home.


Pickles was a tiny, cheeky face fluff ball with a rat tail and a squeak for a meow. Luna was a crazy eyed shadow who loved to jump on anything that moved, especially if it was you.

For more pictures of their tiny selves, see my posts when we got them and one month later.

Now they have grown into 1 year old cats and it feels like we’ve had them forever. Their little personalities have grown as much as they have (Pickles is so long!) and they have definitely earned a special place in our hearts.

Pickles enjoys

  • His food still.
  • Meowing at the bathroom door. Especially when no one is in there.
  • Sitting like a human.
  • Curling up in the crook of your arm.
  • Making a fort under blankets.
  • Flopping on the floor so you can rub his belly.


Pickles dislikes

  • Strong smelling things. Though that won’t stop him from sniffing it again. And again.
  • Workmen – he hides under the sofa
  • When mum and dad aren’t quick enough to get up in the morning to feed him.


Luna enjoys

  • Randomly screaming upstairs when nothing is going on.
  • Waiting outside the bathroom for me to come out, then running to my office. meowing so I can give her cuddles.
  • Sitting on our warm internet router
  • Playing with washi tape
  • Playing with the bottom of the curtains while making bird noises
  • Head bops


Luna dislikes

  • Workmen – she hides under the sofa too
  • Her pet carrier – that means time for the vet!
  • Being picked up


I literally can’t put into words how much I love them. Here’s to many years of kitty antics!

Do you have a pet?

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