I went to Primark so here’s a haul

I went to Primark so here’s a haul


Last week, Topher went to Primark with his mum and returned with tales of awesome Disney t-shirts. I know we’re not going to Florida until the end of September but it reminded me that we need to do our holiday shopping soon. A tad bit early you may say but have you tried finding a pair of men’s shorts at the end of August? It’s a complete nightmare as all the summer stuff has gone by then so we’ve learned to shop early. So a trip to Primark was in order!

First of all, how cool is the top above? I love it. Would it be too cliche to wear it to Animal Kingdom? I’m going to wear it with my vintage black denim levi shorts.


Next up are these sandals that I hope are as comfy as they look. I always get a new pair of sandals to wear to death while we’re over there but something tells me that these will go the distance. They look pretty sturdy. I’ll just keep them away from the water rides!

DSC03727There was quite an array of choice for Disney flip flops; from Frozen to Aladdin, from Bambi to Sleeping beauty. My first choice was Aladdin but they didn’t have any Large so I settled for another favourite of mine, Sleeping Beauty. Perfect for poolside.

DSC03732Nerd alert! I was so pleased to find these Hufflepuff pjs. I may as well stock up now because the actual Universal Parks are very Gryffindor/Slytherin heavy when it comes to merchandise.

DSC03733And I couldn’t resist this Platform 9 and 3/4’s t-shirt. I love the copper detail – very on trend!

DSC03730The pattern of this playsuit immediately stood out to me so it had to be added to my basket. I love the detail on the back – especially since it doesn’t leave you too exposed like garments like this usually are. Though it does appear to be very short. As long as the body isn’t short as well then I may be able to get away with wearing this without leggings.

DSC03731Another pair of sturdy looking sandals. I just can’t get enough of peep toes. They feel super comfy too. DSC03728This was the last thing I picked up for myself, it was quite a spontaneous decision but I’m glad I made it. The lace detailing is super pretty and I love maroon. DSC03736I grabbed a pair of sunglasses too just before the t-shirt. I couldn’t say no for just £2. They’re a different style to my other pair so I’m covered now on the eyewear front.DSC03735And that’s it. Bring on the holiday!

Have you got your holiday essentials yet?


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