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While I’ve recently been away from my laptop I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of new restaurants and revisit another. There’s nothing more fun to me than trying something new and I thoroughly enjoyed all three experiences. Yum!

I pass this pub everyday on my way to work and they always have sandwiches boards outside advertising the different offers they have going on. One of them being Pie Day. When my parents came to visit and asked where we could go to eat that wasn’t a chain I immediately thought of this pub.

For starters Topher and I shared this delight of cheesy breadness – garlic bread.

March Hare Pub - cheesy garlic bread

This was amazing! It tasted even better than it looked which was certainly an achievement. 
For mains I had steak and chips which were cooked to perfection. 

March Hare Pub - steak

And Topher had the Beef and Merlot pie which he kindly stabbed the top of before I could get a photo. He said it was delicious. I definitely need to get a pie the next time we visit. The Fisherman’s pie sounds amazing. 

March Hare Pub - beef & merlot pie

And finally for dessert we had the peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. Perfect size portion and very tasty. I’m glad I didn’t really look at the rest of the dessert menu as I would have had a difficult time making a choice. As soon as I saw peanut butter and chocolate I was sold.

March Hare Pub - cheesecake

All the food we picked was incredible so we will without a doubt be paying a second visit in the future.

Moose - Manchester

A not so hidden treasure in Manchester’s city centre, Moose’s is an American style breakfast diner found tucked away on a side street behind Primark. Arrive early to avoid having to wait outside for a table like we did. Brrr!
My friends & Topher have all been before so it was finally my turn to sample some American style pancakes. They have plenty of other meals on the menu but I insisted on Pancakes. The kind of pancakes that I cannot finish as they are incredibly sweet but I pick them anyway knowing full well of this fact. You’ve got to do it once right?

Moose - pancakes

Moose Granola and chocolate peanut butter pancakes. This was really nice but the maple syrup definitely wasn’t needed and the oranges were handed over to Topher as it was just too many different flavours for me. Though oddly enough, neither of us could taste peanut butter. Strange. But I did enjoy what I could eat and now that my childish antics have been fulfilled, I can happily return and order something a bit more sensible like Topher did here.

Moose - breakfast

Having visited Piccolino in Bramhall just before Christmas, I was looking forward to returning again for a colleagues birthday dinner last week.


I had struggled between two items on the menu last time so knew exactly what I would be ordering when I revisited. The seafood risotto.

Piccolino - seafood risotto

As always, risotto is always much more filling than it looks so I was completely stuffed after eating this. Yum! Therefore when choosing dessert I picked what I thought would be a lighter option.

Piccolino - dessert

I forget its Italian name but this dish is basically espresso and amaretto served over a scoop of ice cream. Scrumptious! It was just the thing I needed and it cooled me down as I was baking under the outdoor heaters. Another place I’ll be visiting again. 
Where have you eaten recently?

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