My 2012 Resolutions: How did I do?

My 2012 Resolutions: How did I do?
Happy new year!
I decided to take another look back to the last year and see if I managed to do accomplish of my resolutions. 

1. “Take care of my face: Quite a shallow first one, but it is still suffering from my year of working in retail and is rather scary to look at without makeup so I think it is necessary. It’s the only one I’ve got and I’ll be 24 (what I count as the beginning of the mid twenties!) in 2012 so I will follow my mums advice and take care of it. Why hello there angels on bare skin!”
Skin is still awful. Must take care of skin better. I’m still trying to find the right product. Just bought some tea-tree stuff from Boots so fingers crossed this one works.
2. “Take my shops Random Quirks and Toast Rack to new heights. More fairs, more action and generally put some more effort into them. They do quite well when I actually list stuff but I have quite a lazy nature so they could be doing a whole lot better. This will hopefully include getting the Random Quirks website up and running finally.” 
Website isn’t up yet and I took a bigger step in December when I got myself an Affleck’s shop. The fairs I did do, I did better than last year so that’s great. I consider this goal accomplished.
3. “Save money. I am currently in a very comfortable financial position now that I have a career job and I still live with friends so my rent is super low. I plan on moving in the summer so I will have less money as I will be paying more. Therefore I must start putting more money into my savings now. Plus I’d finally be free to buy cute homeware stuff so that needs cash!”
I continued to save money until I lost my job in November. A lot of my savings are now going into my Afflecks shop. So, we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it will pay off.
4. “Keep blogging regularly. I am really enjoying this and am not going to stop now 🙂 It’s a great way to document my life as I don’t have the best memory ha ha. Plus its a great outlet for all my fashion thoughts etc.”
Been doing quite well I think. A couple of small slips here and there. But I’ve managed to clock up over 160 posts in the last year so fingers crossed I can continue to do this in 2013.
5. “See more, do more. Take photos! Try new and different things. Just what it says on the tin. I want to see now places, try new things. And of course that includes food! In 2011 I tried snails for the first time (not so bad if you don’t think about the fact that they are snails) and for 2012 would like to try something equally as weird, though maybe less gross!”
I took a HEAP of photos this year which I’m really proud of. I did a couple of new things and I even went to India which has been a dream of mine for 8 years. I tried real Indian food over there so I may have to count that towards my new food to try. That and I tried Aloe Vera as a drink. (rather nice) Plus I rode an elephant!
As for this year, I haven’t really made any resolutions as I already have my 25 before 25. But overall, I’d like to be healthier, happier and hope that my Affleck’s shop works out. Bring on 2013!
Have you made any resolutions?


  • Emsipop
    2nd January 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Aw great post, you seem to have done very well with your 2012 resolutions! I wrote myself some for 2013 and then realized they sounded a lot like my 23 before 23 list! Oops =) xx

    • Nomad
      4th January 2013 at 4:02 pm

      Thanks! I would have done the same thing with my 25 before 25 list so I kept my resolutions brief and vague this year 🙂 x


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