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It’s that time of year! Gift season is upon us and that especially reigns true in my household. Topher, his sister and my mum all have their birthdays this month so that means lots of shopping. As well as the Final Fantasy game promised for his, I wanted to get Topher a little something extra. So teaming up with Morse Toad’s messaging service, I managed to get him the perfect add on.

Morse toad 6

As much fun as it is receiving cards, it’s way more fun when you can eat them! Morse Toad is all about sending better post. Their chocolate cards allow you to personalise your message to a loved one that is spelled out in blocks of chocolate. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Not only that but you can add a photo and your own message on the back and they ship it right out in a box that fits through your letterbox.

Morse Toad 5

The most difficult bit of the process was trying to decide on a funny message that would fit as there are limits. 8 years of in-jokes gave me plenty to pick one for Topher – my goal was to make him laugh. I went with a newer one that definitely did the trick. If you can’t think of anything witty though, Morse Toad even have suggestions so there’s never anything left unsaid!

Morse toad 1

He started laughing straight away when he saw it. We went for a meal a couple of months ago where I took this photo of him and put it on Facebook. His friends took the piss out of his sultry stare which he found hilarious and it lead me to adding, “Much sexy, so wow!” as we’re both big fans of Doge.

Morsetoad 4

There’s so many options on their site and you can use these cards for all sorts of things for occasions and random happy mail, right up to wedding favours. They’re great for the festive season too – perfect for secret Santa’s and stocking fillers. Morse Toad have kindly given my readers the use the discount code: HappyToadmas for 10% off your order. It expires on Christmas day so place your orders soon!

Morse toad 2

*Disclaimer: I received this item for free but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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