Saying No

Though saying yes is something that should be said often, sometimes you need to learn to say no. A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed for a new job that on the surface looked great. They offered me the job a few days later and I turned it down.

Why? Because I felt panic when I saw the contract. Though the pay was more, the hours were so much more, the holiday was less and the benefits were limited. I’d be commuting more, working more and receiving what? A couple of pence more an hour. It just wasn’t worth it.

I listened to my gut and looked at the pros and cons of the situation. In the end I figured I would be worse off if I accepted and I didn’t want to be like I was this time last year. I refuse to step backwards and I finally have enough self respect to say no thanks. So that’s what I did and I immediately felt much better for it.

So lesson learned, if you don’t feel right about it don’t do it. Just say no.

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