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Shoryu Manchester: A Dining Review

Shoryu Manchester: A Dining Review

* We paid for our meal with our own cash and were not invited or asked to review – I just wanted to rave about it.

It’s no secret that Topher and I are massive fans of Japanese food. It’s definitely in my top three when asked what my favourite world cuisines are. So when we heard about Shoryu, we had to pay it a visit. It’s been on my list for a couple of years but we just hadn’t made it until now.

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since we went to Japan. I still miss the food so much. Topher and I have already decided we’re going back next year so until then we’ll have to satisfy our Japanese food cravings.

Shoryu restaurant

The restaurant is in Piccadilly gardens and is fairly small but uses the space well. It’s bustling but doesn’t feel too overcrowded. If you go at a busy time (like we did at lunchtime on a Saturday) then you’ll have to wait outside. But on the bright side they use the WalkIn app which is a virtual queue so you can give your name and number and come back later.

It’s the first time I’ve used an app like that and it was really handy as it was quite cold that afternoon. It meant that we could go to the library so I could pick up some books while keeping an eye on our place in the queue on the app.

Once we were in and seated 40 mins later our eyes lit up at the menu and we wanted everything. There is a lot of choice from starters to main courses so there’s something for everyone.


karage bun

For starters Topher got the Chicken Karaage Bun and we split an order of takoyaki. The bun was delicious (I may have had a cheeky bite for research purposes) and the hirata sauce with Japanese mayonnaise was the perfect accompaniment.

Shoryu takoyaki

As for the takoyaki, if I could only describe it with one word it would be “authentic”. Having had fresh takoyaki from a street seller in Osaka I can say without a doubt that it tastes the same. It took me right back to that moment when I first tried it and I’m so glad there’s somewhere in Manchester we can get it now. Also just so I can embarrass him, Topher burned his mouth yet again on takoyaki. One day he’ll learn.

Main Course

salmon teriyaki don

As for the main course I had to go with my old faithful rice and choose the Salmon Teriyaki Don which is essentially salmon, teriyaki, rice and veg. I don’t know what it is about rice that I can’t get enough of since we came back from Japan but all I know is that I still can’t cook rice that good.

The portion was large and I ate as much as I could but about two thirds in I had to hand the reigns over to Topher. What would I do without him always being there to finish my food?


Topher had the Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu and he describes it as “a hug in a bowl”. He does describe all ramen like this but he insists that it was as good as the ramen he tried in Japan.


As much as I wanted a dessert, at this point in the meal I was far too full so will have to come back another time. I did however spot that they had Calpico on the drinks menu so I got excited and ordered a glass for us to share. Of course I completely forgot that Topher wasn’t a fan of it when we tried it in Japan so I had to drink it all myself. Poor me.

Calpico is made from a concentrate and is a refreshing, light fructose & calcium drink, similar to Yakult. I’d only had it bottled from vending machines in Japan so was happy to find that this tasted pretty much the same. As well as iced they can also make it hot. I’m really intrigued to try that version out!

Shoryu - Calpico

We left with full bellies and big smiles. We’ll definitely be back.

Now if only I could find somewhere in Manchester that sells fresh taiyaki!

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