Snippets of Home

Two weeks into living in our new house and things are going pretty well. Both the cats and us settled in ridiculously quickly and we’re making headway with the unpacking. So I thought I would show off a few photos of the in between stage that we’re currently in.
I’ve got big plans for the stairway. I’m not really a fan of the wallpaper and neither are the cats as we’ve already noticed some scratch marks so it will be disappearing hopefully sooner rather than later. In it’s place I want to paint the wall white and make a gallery wall of photos and prints that mean a lot to both of us.
The other wallpaper that needs to go is the wall in the living room. It’s not us and it doesn’t go with both our current furniture or the furniture we see ourselves getting in the next year or so. We’re thinking of possibly a purple and grey theme.
The master bedroom is all unpacked and we made our Ikea bed (huge headache!) but we’ll be putting up shelves soon so I’ll leave photos for now. As for the guest room, it already looks different to the above photo as we took all the cardboard on the bed to the tip this morning. The end of unpacking is nigh. The pink walls will be disappearing in the next few months to be replaced by a project I’m keeping under my hat for now. Watch this space.
My office is getting there but still has far to go. I’m almost finished unpacking but not sure where everything is going to go yet. I want to paint desperately but am holding off for now. The plan is to get some shelves up where the decal is and for the decal to disappear. It’s just not the kind of thing I like. The furniture in here is seriously clumsy since it’s a smaller space than our old rental so I’m going to have to re-think. For now it’s just functional.
So everything is still everywhere but we’re almost at the end of the boxes so we’ll see how it goes. There’s so much potential in this house so I can’t wait to work on our project.


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