The Date Jar Challenge

The Date Jar Challenge

Those who know me know I love a good challenge. The Date Jar Challenge popped into my head some time in December. I don’t remember exactly when, only that it was between all of the wine I consumed that month, the presents I wrapped and the times I looked at my bank balance and thought “dear god”. But I digress.

So what is the date jar challenge?

It’s 12 months and twelve dates that Topher and I are going to spend together doing something fun. Each person gets 6 dates to organise and they must be kept secret from the other. They will also be drawn at random throughout the year for each month so they can’t be season dependant. So each month brings a new date.

I wasn’t sure if Topher would be up for it or not but luckily my husband of 3 years and partner of 11 this year was excited. He wanted to use balls to draw the dates so we could pretend we were drawing for the FA Cup but I said no. What a waste of balls.

He then asked if they all had to be ones that the other person could enjoy. I said not necessarily – maybe we’ll allow one wildcard. He laughed maniacally. “I’ve got two ideas already. You won’t like them.” What have I let myself in for?

Unluckily for him I’m pretty sure there’s one of mine that he won’t like either so ha ha.

Date Jar Challenge Rules

  1. Each of us must come up with 6 dates that must be kept secret.
  2. There is no budget but lets keep it cheap and cheerful if we can as we’re not made of money!
  3. The date must only be for us two – no double dates or group dates.
  4. The dates can’t be seasonal.
  5. At the beginning of each month we will take turns in drawing one of our numbers from a jar at random.
  6. The date must be completed by the end of the month.
  7. The dates should be decided based on whether both of us will find it fun. Only one wildcard is allowed.

So we’ve already drawn this month’s date and it was my turn.

I had been watching a lot of Nailed It on Netflix and Bakeoff over the Christmas break so my date is for us to attempt to make a #NailedIt creation. Neither of us are good at baking so it should be pretty funny. I might even film it and make a vlog…

I think my baking style is pretty self explanatory… what a mess I made right?

date jar challenge - nailed it

So stay tuned for the end of the month when I let you know how we got on and what Topher’s choice of date is …

Have you ever done a date challenge before?

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