The de-cluttering continues.

So I posted last week about my office that was overflowing with rubbish here. Well I’m happy to say that I am currently sitting in the same office now and have been doing so for almost a week now. I pretty much entered the room at the beginning of the day, de-cluttering away and by the end it was done.

It’s not perfect but it doesn’t need to be since we will be moving soon anyway. I just needed a clear space to sit and work at my laptop. As much fun as working from the sofa and my bed is, that novelty wears off quickly. That and my fiancΓ© keeps asking me what’s wrong when I sit downstairs. Damn my resting bitch face.

Plus there’s something awesome about being able to say you have your own home office. I love it. Definitely beats my old office!

de-cluttering - desk view

As you can see now, the floor is clear, my old desk has swivelled round so its next to my new desk to make one uber desk (gotta love an uber desk), the plastic drawers now have a home and sitting next to it is my get rid of/sell box. Yay!

de-cluttering - workspace

Also, in terms of the dresser in the dining room, I’m also happy to say that it has been de-cluttered though I currently have no photos to prove this yet. So believe me it’s been done! I seriously can’t wait until summer when there will be more daylight hours. And by daylight hours I mean more than the minimal sunshine between 9 and 12 then just horrible grey until it gets dark about 5pm. Yuck.

And finally the spare room looks the same. Suitcase mountain still rules over the room. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day was it? One day I’ll get there!

Are you de-cluttering at the moment? Any joy yet?

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