The Experimenter – Lush Bath Bomb

I can only describe what happened when I dropped The Experimenter into my tub in one word: Explosion. I have never seen a Lush bath bomb fizz so quickly. It was amazing. Finding myself transfixed with the ever-changing colours, I also noticed how the smell of vanilla and tonka rapidly fills the room.
The bath water turned a mermaid green and once it finished fizzing, I stepped into the bathtub as I settled down with my book (currently reading Brooklyn since I enjoyed the film) I was amazed by how moisturising the experimenter foam was. I barely remember getting out of the tub so I can’t really tell you how long the moisturising element lasted on my skin.
Long after the foam had dispersed and the water had soaked up the colour turning a blue/grey colour, the scent still remained. This bath bomb definitely is in my top five now. And until I can get my hands on another one of these, my dreams will be rainbow ones.

Disclaimer – I have no links with Lush, I just love their products!

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