The hour long Christmas tree

The hour long Christmas tree

Well guys I finally got my Christmas tree up tonight. And then took it down an hour later. This is our first year with the cats and I’m not sure what I was expecting. I knew baubles would be batted and the tree would inevitably come down a few times. But I wasn’t expecting them to see the tree itself as a tasty snack.


Luna had a chew then lost interest but Pickles was relentless. After a quick google search I promptly removed the tinsel. Tinsel can be fatal to cats if swallowed! As for the tree, depending on if/how much is swallowed of the plastic bristles, it can also cause some harm. I’ve lived with cats and Christmas trees before but they weren’t interested in eating the tree like mine were. I could have gone with the advice of spraying the tree with citrus spray. Or even spraying the cats with water but I’d prefer not to do that. I could keep them away from the tree while I was home but what about when we’re at work or asleep. I really can’t deal with a month of worry so we just took it down.


He’s still on the box! This is our Christmas tree for the time being but I’ll find myself an alternative. There’s loads of ideas for alternate Christmas trees on Pinterest so I’ll see what I can find that’s festive but cat friendly. Project!


Besides, I can’t stay mad at this guilty little face for longer than a moment! Love you both even if you did try to eat Christmas.

*Oh and the reason there’s a towel on the windowsill is because our windows are leaking thanks to all the rain. We don’t dare put a bucket down with these two around!


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