It’s Day 52 and I am officially over halfway through #the100dayproject. So, what have I learned so far? Not all bloggers love flat lays! Sure I love the concept of them and looking at other people’s flat lays but I just find them restricting. Which is pretty much why half of my photos so far I would barely consider a flat lay.


I’ve found myself longing to take photos of the sky and things I see in front of me. I originally chose to do 100 days of flat lays because I suck at them. I thought being a good blogger meant being able to do a flawless flat lay but you know what? I still suck at them. And that’s ok!


So I’ll see the rest of this project through because I want to complete the challenge but I’m definitely not going to beat myself up about flat lays in the future!

What would you have chosen if you did #the100dayproject and what’s your flat lay game like?

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