Top picks I love #2

Top picks I love #2
All together now: Is it pay day yet?


Can I just take all of these things home please? 
Though I do love my polka dots, I’m also taken with anything heart print. And not just for Valentines day! Since my first pair of jeggings this winter, I’ve been converted and really want to find something fun and new. These heart print ones are ideal. They would go with so much and brighten up plain outfits. 
I seem to have picked quite a few dresses this week. Ah well. This Miss Selfridge dress is really taking me back to the 90s. It looks like something Rachel from Friends or Daphne from Fraiser would wear. 
I originally found out about this bike dress from Sarah via twitter when tweeting about their new arrivals and I am in love! Even though it’s a smock which I’m not normally keen on, I just adore the print. And that’s what belts are for right? Definitely one to save up for! 
Keeping on the subject of dresses, I can’t decide which one I like better, this blue vintage dress or the Modcloth maxi. Both are drool-worthy. Yes, I can easily drool over clothes. The maxi dress really makes me want to dye my hair purple again though. Or red! Maybe I’ll save that for in a few years…
 What’s caught your eye this week?

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