Top Picks #35

1. Jumper, £44 – Sugarhill Boutique

This raccoon jumper is super cute. I love how it’s peeking out around the side and the fact that you can only see its tail on the back of the jumper. Perfect for autumn.

2. Bag, £49 – Accessorize

Though the price tag scared me a bit, this bag is real leather and it’s so soft! And since my black cross body bag bit the dust a couple of months ago, I’ve been looking for a replacement. This would be an ideal investment piece.

3. T-shirt, £9.99 – Pinochio Prints @ Etsy

Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan. I love the Disney twist on this t-shirt – bringing my two loves together.

4. Necklace, £27 – And Mary

It’s been awhile since I wore a necklace, especially one that wasn’t a statement one but this is just adorable. I’d pair it with the Breton top also on my wish list this week with skinny jeans and red ballet flats.

5. Dress, $119.99 – Modcloth

This dress is gorgeous! I love the print, the colours – everything!

6. Pin, £9.67 – Honey And The Hive @ Etsy

This pin makes me smile and I think it’s a pretty good sentiment to have. Added to my imaginary pin collection.

7. Earrings, £4 – Oasis*

When I get my ears re-pierced, these beauties are going on my list. I’ve always loved stars.

8. Jacket, $54.99 – Modcloth

I love the cut of this jacket and the subtle military vibe too.

9. Teapot, £18 – Paperchase

This teapot is ridiculously cute. It reminds me of my old hideous teapot collection I used to have back in the early days of this blog. Unfortunately I had to give away my collection when we moved to London due to space issues but this teapot tempts me to start it back up again!

10. Top, £8.99 – New Look*

Since the only Breton top I have in my wardrobe has a hole in it, I should probably find a replacement for it. This boxy one from New Look fits the bill.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links

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