Top Picks #40

1. Necklace, £22.50 – Tatty Devine

This necklace is on sale now! Woop! I’m still attracted to anything celestial.

2. Hand Embroidery Pattern, £5.08 – Making Jiggy @Etsy

I really don’t know why but this embroidery hoop art pattern really tickles me. It’s only a pattern but I would totally take up embroidery just to be able to have this on my wall!

3. Top, £25 – Joy

Now this is something I would definitely have never chosen when I was bigger. But now that I’m getting close to my target weight, I finally feel confident enough to pick something like this. I just love the detail!

4. Notebooks, £9 for set – Nikki Strange @Etsy

These constellation notebooks are gorgeous. I need more notebooks right? Right?

5. Dress, £45 – Oasis*

Love this print and the sleeves are so pretty! I’m still so happy that Oasis started offering longer lengths for skirts and dresses last year. And at no extra price to the regular one. Oasis you are awesome!

6. Mug, £3.99 – H&M

This mug is just adorable. You can’t really see in the picture but it also has little ears on the rim! Love it and it appeals to my polka dot loving side. The price is awesome too.

7. Llama pins, £5 for 2 – Paperchase

I am in love with the entire No Probllama range that’s new to Paperchase. There’s a llama pen in particular that’s not on the website yet which has to be mine.

8. Cami top, £29 – Oasis*

My monochrome love still appears to be going strong. I love the detail on this top. Very 90s too. It looks like something Rachel from Friends would have worn in season 1.

9. Mirror, £40 – Urban Outfitters

Loving the shape of this!

10. Shoes, $54.99 – Modcloth

These are definitely strictly summer only shoes but aren’t they pretty? I wish they came in every colour – I’d love some bright red ones.

What’s on your wish list this week?

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