Taking a Look at the Past for Future Travel Inspiration

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When it comes to world travel, you’ve probably noticed that your friends and other acquaintances tend to be frequenting the same places, taking part in the same activities and taking the same stock-style photos at each spot they visit. Now, this isn’t all too surprising. We see something on social media and decide to go there. We use the same travel companies who prefer the same routes. But don’t you want your experience of the wider world to be unique? To stand out from the stereotypical gap-year rigmarole? Well, perhaps it’s time to start getting inspiration from the past rather than our everyday social media newsfeed.

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The first step towards deciding on where you want to go is to learn about the world’s greatest explorers. Back in the day, the world was full of uncharted territories. Nowadays, we have a pretty good idea of where every continent and country lies. So you may not be able to “discover” a new land. However, you can “rediscover” places that may have fallen out of fashion in the travel industry. How to find accounts of these places? Recounting the tales and travel diaries of the greats.


So, we’re all well acquainted with the explorer Christopher Columbus. While his “discovery” of America can be debated (there were already native people inhabiting the lands), there’s no denying that the USA is a whole new world for any explorer who wants to get their teeth into urban travel. Think about it: the United States is home to some of the world’s largest and most renowned cities. New York is a brilliant place to start, with the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building and endless art museums and cultural days out. If you fancy something a little more rural, then you can visit one of North America’s national parks. Yellowstone Park, located in Wyoming, Montana, spans almost 9000 square kilometres of land where you can hike to your heart’s content.


British explorer Captain Cook was the first European to set foot on the East Coast of Australia. So why not follow his footsteps and take a trip to the land down under. If you’re fond of exploration a little further from the shore, take a dive in azure waters. The Great Barrier Reef is, of course, top of the list. It’s not surprising: it is home to the world’s largest living coral reef and hosts all sorts of underwater wildlife. However, there are plenty of alternative and quieter dive spots, such as the Yongala wreck, Whitsunday Islands, and Ningaloo Reef. If you prefer to stay on dry land, but still want a taste of the wild, why not try an outback tour. You can go by jeep, or even helicopter to see stunning canyons, astounding mountains and dusty desert-like expanses.

These are just a couple of places that may take your fancy.

At the end of the day, the world is your oyster. So seize whatever opportunities pose themselves to you.


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