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I can’t believe that in all the time I’ve lived in Manchester (practically 10 years) I’ve never visited Victoria Baths. Well yesterday I finally went there to attend the Vintage Wedding Fair so that’s another thing I can tick off my non existent Manchester Bucket list (I seriously need to make one of these). After walking round the fair, I had a little peek at the rest of the downstairs of the building. I only had my phone on me so I took a few quick snaps with that. I’d love to go back with my DSLR.

victoria baths 2

victoria baths 3

victoria baths 4

Victoria Baths is such a fascinating and beautiful building. So much green! Opening in 1906 as a collection of swimming pools and turkish baths, it was used for lots of things, even for dances sometimes in the winter months. It was closed in 1993 and fell into disrepair before being partly restored in 2007. It’s now a Grade II listed building and just celebrated it’s 110th birthday.

victoria baths 5

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These days it’s mainly seems as a historical building that you can visit for a guided tour and for their monthly open days. Though it’s also used for events like vintage fairs and art shows. You can even have your wedding here. I did briefly consider but all the green would clash terribly with the bright colours I have planned. #weddingproblems. That and it’s just a space with no heating or onsite catering. Perfect for a vintage wedding though – I’ve seen some gorgeous ones online.

victoria baths 8

victoria baths 9

victoria baths 10

There are so many pretty original features around including stained glass windows, moldings and practically the whole place is tiled. There are so many different rooms just downstairs including the three pools, baths and shower rooms. There’s a hint of creepiness to it in a way.  I’m glad it’s not open at night, no doubt it would scare the crap out of me! It would be an awesome setting for a haunted Halloween event.

victoria baths 13

victoria baths 12

victoria baths 11

One of these days I’ll have to take one of the guided tours to see the rest of the building – there’s so much more to see. If you’re interested in Victorian stuff, history or architecture I would definitely give Victoria Baths a visit!


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