Watercolour fun

A few months ago after crashing and burning with acrylic paints (I attempted to abstract paint, panicked and painted a tree) I decided I still needed to scratch my painting itch and got myself some watercolours.


I’ve always enjoyed art but found that I’ve never been that great with painting. I want to be though. I started off with some little doodles and began to slowly work my way up. 


I think I need a different brush for writing. This was quite difficult with the one I had and I’m not completely happy with how it came out.


This was just plain silly.


And then I came out with this. I have a bad feeling that I hit my peak too early because I haven’t been able to replicate this standard since. I was so proud of this Petra picture compared to my other attempts at watercolours. Maybe I’ll try some more architectural landmarks…


The response this got from my parents was stop painting food. I just can’t help myself apparently. I like the overall picture but I think the hand looks a bit awkward. I was never great at putting the human form on paper.


Then I tried just to go with it and randomly paint flowers out of my head. It did not go well. Closeup it’s nice – I haven’t provided the zoomed out version because it’s just weird.


Then finally, sorry mum and dad, I painted food again! Doughnuts are so fun though. I enjoyed doing these. They might just make a good pattern actually.

Also, the first photo of this post is something I did. It’s the latest thing I’ve done at the time of this post and I’m quite proud of it. Not bad compared to my other ones. I was especially pleased with the roses. I might paint some of those again. So the only thing left now is to just keep going. Practice makes perfect.

What are you practicing?

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  • Liz
    18th August 2015 at 6:48 pm

    There’s nothing wrong with painting food! I love the ice cream and the doughnuts…
    I’m always envious of people who are good with arts and craft projects. I’m supposed to be making a patchwork quilt at the moment but it’s sitting under my bed feeling unloved…

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please


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