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Wedding Dress Rage

My wedding isn’t until July next year so I haven’t even begun to try on dresses yet (minus the one at the wedding fair for fun!) but I have started looking online to figure out my style.

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want but I just can’t find it. At least not at the price I want (but the price thing is a whole other kettle of fish). Every time I see something nice, they turn the model around and dear god where is the back? Am I the only one who’s not aiming for “sexy” on my wedding day?

  1. I want to be able to wear a normal bra. I have big boobs and I want to feel comfortable on my wedding day.
  2. As much as I love my back I don’t really want it to be hanging out for everyone to see.
  3. I will also be wearing this dress in Jordan where I also don’t think my Muslim family, or even the Christian side will appreciate my back hanging out.

And also, when I do find a top that’s perfect, the bottom is always tea length. Gah! I want floor length because I am not wearing heels. I refuse to wear them, as I actually want to have a good time. I’m a wimp when it comes to heels and avoid them at all cost. With my average height, it just doesn’t look right having a tea length dress worn with flats.

It’s fun enough to try finding a dress that isn’t strapless so it feels like I’m just jumping through hoops trying to find one that ticks the most important boxes. Floor length, in at the waist, either sleeveless or short sleeve, neckline that is not high or low and actually has something of a back on it so I can wear a bra. And preferably a price that I can afford. Is that too much to ask? I’m hoping it will be easier once I start going to boutiques and trying things on.

On a final note, wedding dress boutiques that actually mention their price range on their website:


Rant over.

What are your thoughts? If you’re married/engaged, did you find shopping for wedding dresses hard?

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