My Week #18 – Hen Parties and Country Living

my week #18 - 2

*My uni friend Nich’s hen party. *The cottage we stayed in for it.

*Into the woods! *Topher and I posing for a rare selfie.

*Exeter Cathedral *Topher and his half sister – yes she is tugging his beard. Emma and I told her to!

*Emma and I at a museum in Exeter *Back home with Pickles

So I’m back from the West Country. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve had fun and had lots of food. The scales were not happy to see me at all when I returned!

First off the hen party. Now I haven’t been to many hen parties in my time but I have to say that hands down this was the best one I’ve ever been to. The usual image of hen parties in this country always used to strike up the same image of women completely off their faces stumbling around the city waving various forms of penis related paraphernalia. Not my idea of a good night out.

But from the beginning you could see this one was different. With just over 20 of us staying in 2 semi detached cottages somewhere near Buxton, there were plenty of laughs, games and food & drink. The chief bridesmaid (the bride’s sister) had organised everything with help from the other bridesmaids and the mother of the bride from the accommodation and food, right down to all the fun games we played. The highlight was a scavenger hunt in the nearby village where we all wore 1920s outfits.

After that weekend, it was time to pack my bags again and head down to Devon with Topher and Emma to visit their grandparents and for me to meet their dad and half sister. I’ll do a full post on the holiday next week but I’ll just throw in that I’m so proud I only put on 1 and a half pounds that week. Especially with all the tasty food I ate!

As much as I enjoy holidays, I always look forward to coming home. Especially since we got the cats. I really missed Pickles and Luna and it was so great to get them back in the house with us. Anyway, it’s back to work and back to life. Have a great weekend!

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