My Week #20 – Weddings, Villages and Cat Antics

my week 20 - 2

*Pickles still loves shoes. *Our table at our friends wedding.

*We scrub up well. *Organising my recipes.

*Luna being all cute *Drove up to Holmfirth to try on some wedding dresses

*Emma’s Tea Parlour in Holmfirth *Pickles standing in a bowl full of water


So it’s been a bit of a hectic week starting off with our friend’s wedding. Actually they’re the couple I used to live with when I started this blog! Long time readers may remember their cats Axl and Rose. Talk about a throwback! Anyway, their wedding was lovely. Both Topher and I cried numerous times so we know for a fact that when it comes to our own wedding we’ll both be wrecks! The bride and groom looked great and the food and dancing were awesome. Even though it rained pretty much the whole day, they took it in their stride and in the end it didn’t matter at all. Brilliant day. Congrats Nich and Andy!

My ongoing battle to get the house organised is still going strong. I got my recipes organised and now I need to tackle my office which has been over riddled with all my old rubbish from my parent’s house. Thanks mum! One day I’ll see my desk again. For now it’s the dining room table and Ziferblat that have been my saviours. I’ve been working on a new business venture behind the scenes as well which will be launching next year. More on that to come.

On Wednesday I headed over to Holmfirth with the parents and Topher in tow to go to a wedding dress shop. Topher didn’t come in of course – he was there for the cream tea after! We had that at Emma’s Tea Parlour. Yum yum. So on the dress front – I am super close to finding the one (squee!). It was a glorious sunshine filled day and Holmfirth was so pretty! I wish I’d taken more photos. It’s actually where they filmed Last of The Summer Wine. That was confirmed by the tour bus that passed us on the way back to the car.

In other news, the cats were up to their usual antics. Luna was good as gold while Pickles tried to fit himself into Topher’s shoe and then stood in his water bowl. Which he then proceeded to drink out of…while his foot was still in there. Little weirdo.

How was your week?


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