My Week #24 – Wallpaper and Wedding Fairs

*They’ve started snuggling up together again! *More wedding dress shopping

*Stripping the wallpaper finally. *Victoria Baths

*Rainbow! *I got Slimmer of the Week at Slimming World

*New cook book *The Refuge, Manchester

It’s been a busy week in the house of Nomad. I started decorating the landing and hall in my house. Wallpaper is gone (woo hoo!) and the painting is in full swing. Though a tip for newbie wall-strippers – go easy with your scraping device. I slightly gouged into my wall in a couple of places so a quick trip to B&Q was needed for some Polyfilla! I’ve got just a week left before it needs to be ready for my party so I think it will all be good. I’ve just got a lot of painting ahead of me now.

At Slimming World I lost another 1 and a half pounds which somehow got me slimmer of the week. Yay. And I also got my Slimming World Christmas recipe book. I can’t wait to get cooking. I’m still feeling motivated and I really want to get as close to my target weight by Christmas as I can. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I went to Victoria Baths and visited a vintage wedding fair. I had to go by myself since everyone was busy and it was ok but a bit on the small side. I’m looking forward to going the National Wedding ShowΒ this weekend with Claire. We’ve got VIP tickets which include a hair and makeup trial. Ideal as I have no idea what to do with my hair. Something we learned from the last one is that you go home with a lot of stuff so we’re being prepared this time and both bringing small pully-suitcases. With me being the bride and there being three of us going, we struggled big time with all the bags and our big coats so with there only being two of us this time and both of us getting married, we need to be ready. Excited!

Speaking of excitement, even though it’s just under a year away, I’ve just booked flights for Topher and my honeymoon! The excitement is real. So happy and can’t wait. It’s been years and years since we went on holiday just the two of us so it’s going to be doubly special.

So it’s all good right now for me. How was your week?

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