My Week #25 – Colds and More Wedding Fairs

*Wearing jewellery for once *Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb

*VIP’s at the National Wedding Show *Curious Luna


Well it’s been a sniffly and snuffly week for me. Indeed I’ve been hit by the common cold and have been suffering the whole week. Luckily it seems to be on the way out just in time for my Halloween party tomorrow. Phew! So in between the nose blowing and the headaches I managed to drag myself to the National Wedding Show with Claire where we had VIP tickets! They included a free hair or makeup trial so we thought, why not?

It was a great idea to try something new because we aren’t the girliest of girls. I learned that even though I’ve been growing my hair for the wedding, I seriously need to stop now. I actually have too much hair! The side bun I wanted kind of turned into a massive monster growing out the side of my head. No fault to the lovely lady doing it – it was pretty but there was too much of it so I need to scadaddle to the nearest hair dresserΒ before attempting that again.Β Chop it please!

Claire’s hair looked lovely – it gave her a great idea of what to do on the day. She’s a lucky little thing as her sister is pretty damn good at hair and makeup so she’s doing it for her. What a saving! I don’t think my brother would be up for doing mine somehow…

The rest of the show was great. We brought a suitcase with us for all the leaflets, magazines and free stuff which raised a few eyebrows at the beginning of the day but by the end people were looking on in envy. There’s just so much stuff as we discovered at the fair the three of us went to in February – and it was just me getting married! So with one woman down and one bride up, we had to get smart. It definitely paid off.

Afterwards, we headed to Home Sweet Home nearby to soak up the free prosecco with some mac and cheese (me) and a cheeseburger toastie (her) which I was so eager to eat that I didn’t get a picture of it. Yum! Just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, here’s to a sniffle free week!

How was your week?

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