My Week #27 – Creating & Comedy

*Gallery wall beginnings *Homemade potato and leek soup

*Clean and tidy desk *Billy Connolly

So the biggest thing that happened this week was that Topher and I went to see Billy Connolly. I’ll be doing a whole post on him next week so that’s all I’ll say for now. Apart from the fact that it was awesome! We went for food as well which I’ll be taking about in the same post. It’s been getting pretty cold this week and I’ve definitely noticed. I’ve busted out the bobble hat and have borrowed Topher’s gloves while I try and find my missing one. And the cats have been super snuggly. Luna comes and sits on my lap when I’m on my desk and Pickles comes in bed under the covers with us for a little bit in the morning and at night. So cute.

So this week was mainly spent working on my new empire, mwahahaha. Otherwise known as my new business. I made a huge 2 month plan so that I’m ready to launch and I’ve been super busy implementing it. It’s been hard work but so rewarding and I can’t wait to show you!

In Slimming World news I lost another pound this week though I would have liked to have lost more since I put on 1 and 1/2 the week before. Oh well, slowly but surely. My main problem was snacking. I was really craving sweet things so was turning to things that were taking me over my daily allowance for the day. So this week I sat down and made a list of snacks to stick on the fridge that are low syn that I can grab at any time. So whenever I’m hungry or feeling particularly snackish, I can look at the list and figure out what I fancy. I really hope this works!

Not much else going on besides cooking and plotting world domination really. And yourself?

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