My Week #30 – Christmas time

*Ordering a grown up coffee *Luna loves my bullet journal

*Advent calendar *Our alternative Christmas tree

It’s December! I’m so excited about Christmas this year. We put up our decorations (the tree – seriously need more!) yesterday and it’s all good. After last year’s disaster of the cats eating the tree, we went out and got an alternative one from Hobby Craft. I was a bit anxious putting it up but it turned out great. The cats had a good old sniff but after that they left it alone. Yay! We can have a Christmas tree this year.

Topher managed to score 2 free advent calendars from work so that was great. They’re both Malteaser ones which I’ve never had before. It’s nice to have a guaranteed daily dose of chocolate. This time of year is awesome. I’ve almost got everyone figured out when it comes to Christmas present shopping.

On the Slimming World front, I lost half a pound this week. A little disappointing but I’d really been craving chocolate the past week. On the bright side, I’m still going in the right direction. I’m only 5 and a half pounds away from my lightest weight I was when I did Slimming World the first time so I’m excited to get back to that point as I felt great at that point. Topher made me feel better by showing me how far I’d come. He looked on the NHS website at their BMI chart and compared our weights now and when we first started. 3 years ago I was in the obese section! Now I’m 3 pounds away from being in the healthy section. Woop! Fingers crossed I get there by Christmas.

So not much else going on this week. I had a couple of meetings, one in which I discovered that I’m a complete child when it comes to coffee shops. If theres no fancy red-cup-esque flavours then I have no idea what to order. The photo above was my latte. I’m such a dork! Also, Topher and I went to the cinema (3 times in a week – record!) to see A Street Cat Named Bob. See my review here.

So how was your week? Do you have your Christmas decs up yet?

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