My Week #34 – Training and Derpy Cats

*Getting my food styling game on at a training session I ran for Begin.Create *Trying a new curry recipe

*Derpy Luna is derpy *Finally got the shelves up in the bedroom

Damn it’s cold! Layers are my friend. But on the bright side I’ve been feeling so much better this week motivation wise. I’ve been powering through my to do list and it feels awesome to feel accomplished. Feeling like my old self again. Goodbye January blues!

The cats are still being their cute selves with Pickles coming into bed first thing in the morning and last thing at night for cuddles. He loves curling up under the covers. And Luna as you can see is her silly little self. They just break my heart every time I look at them.

At Slimming World I maintained my weight which was good but at the same time slightly disappointing. I really thought I’d lost this week but thinking back, I deserve what I got. Topher on the other hand does not deserve losing 2 and a half pounds. He had McDonalds! Ha ha. Oh well, at least I’m not heading in the wrong direction and I’m still on track for my 20 pounds in 20 weeks challenge I set myself. So here’s to a better week.

This week I held another social media training session for Begin.Create where I got to play around with Photoshop and some food styling. I love my new job! Also on the theme of having fun – I finally got the shelves put up in our bedroom. All but one actually but that requires a drill and even though I have a tool kit – it definitely doesn’t contain a drill. So will have to wait until my parent’s get back from America to borrow my dads.

And that’s about it. I’m back on it and loving 2017 now. Here’s to a new week!

How has your January been so far?


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