My Week #36 – Workshops and Off Scale Victories

*Breakfast at the Marriott (post to come next week) *WeBlogMcr workshop

*Dress I now fit comfortably in *Pickles and Luna


What a week! After getting my stone and a half award last week, I decided to try on a dress that when I got last year didn’t really fit me. I did an outfit post with it but let’s just say its a tight squeeze!  Well this time I could breathe! It fits great now which made me feel awesome.

However I did put on half a pound this week. It’s not the end of the world but I am disappointed in myself. It was totally deserved though so all I can do is draw a line under it and move on. I have one meal out this weekend but apart from that it’s all go! Here’s to getting back on track next week!

Last weekend I attended the first WeBlogMcr workshop of 2017 and my first one ever. It was amazing and the three speakers that came really knew their stuff. Let’s just say that I have a to do list for my blog as long as my arm now! It was also nice to meet some fellow Manchester bloggers and have an event that was all about celebrating the North (woop!). Really looking forward to the next one and the drinks meetup next month.

In other news, is it Spring yet? I am seriously not enjoying the cold. I’m definitely a summer child. The whole house just feels dark all the time and it just makes me feel like not doing anything. Which definitely doesn’t bode well for me since I work from home. Girl’s gotta hustle! On the bright side, the only way is up with the dark evenings so hopefully I’ll find my mojo soon.

How was your week?

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