My Week #38 – Freakshakes & World Domination

*Making some plans the old fashioned way *Our couple of the year mugs

*Healthy meals *Not so healthy meals

So this has been a bit of a funny week. Is it summer yet? The grey weather and dark days are getting to me big time. But on the bright side, I’m feeling a lot more focused this week after sitting at my kitchen table and having a master plan session for Begin.Create. I’ve feeling a bit lost since the launch, just letting everything tick over instead of forging ahead. So this planning session was much needed and I feel so much better now.

Also this week I tried my first ever freakshake which I have to say is not really worth the sick feeling you get afterwards! The good thing about it is that it makes a great photo. This was had at Rocky’s Easy Diner in Ashton. Though I regretful about the dessert, I certainly wasn’t about the burger. The mac and cheese burger was heaven! And the whole place is halal which is awesome. Will definitely be going back to sample more of the menu.

On the Slimming World front I lost 1/2lb this week which was disappointing but at least it’s a loss. I’m definitely not going to turn my nose up at it. After realising that we’re exactly 3 stone apart and close to the next stone bracket, Topher and I decided that we’re going to lose 4lbs each next week. So fingers crossed, I really feel focused so far and have even resisted the cake on offer at Ziferblat today. Stay tuned.

In wedding related news I’m full speed ahead on flower making. And just some advice to newly engaged couples – planning a wedding is not stressful…until your family gets involved! I will say no more but hope for more relaxing times ahead. Zen. And speaking of zen I’ve just found out some news which involves us having to be on a plane 5 days before our wedding… More on that to come!

So that’s all for me. How was your week?

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