My Week #39 & #40 – Weirdness, Networking and Cake

my week #39 & #40 - 40

*Coworking *Mystery cake 

*I made a cheesecake! *WeBlogMcr meetup

*Back to Busaba *Floating shelves 

*Storm Doris strikes *Pickles and Luna

My oh my it’s been a weird couple of weeks!

I didn’t blog last Friday because I suddenly got really sick. I have no idea why and it wasn’t pretty. It was so annoying as now I feel like I’m super behind on everything.

So lets start from the beginning of last week. It all started out great. I was out of the house every day that week on various events and meetings which I really enjoyed. I went round to a fellow freelancers house with some of the Freelance Friday ladies for a co-working session which included a lovely walk in Whalley Bridge. Co-working is awesome – it always leaves me feeling inspired even if I don’t get too much actual work done!

The mystery cake pictured above was made by Katya and was a mystery because we had to guess which vegetable was in it. Very surprisingly it turned out to be potato! Who would have thought?

Thursday I went to Slimming World and lost 1 and a half pounds. Woop! I’m now only 2lbs away from my lowest weight I got to with them in 2014. Unfortunately this week I maintained but as I always say with Slimming World, it’s better to stay where you are then be going in the wrong direction. Fingers crossed for next week.

Last weekend my family came to visit.

I had gotten sick the day before and was really hoping I felt better when they arrived because we were returning to Busaba. Luckily I did because who wants to go to a yummy restaurant with a stomach bug right?

During the day we popped over to the Makers Market in Chorlton for a little walk around and to grab some lunch. Of course I somehow managed to take no photos! We ended up finding a little Syrian bakery stall which had some awesome cheese and spinach bread. The name in Arabic for what they exactly are escapes me right now.

This week I felt things pile up.

Adulting is hard. I think the combination on losing out of a days work and unforseen things coming up (I’m looking at you Storm Doris!) have made my to do list triple in length. Luckily after today, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed it’s all better next week.

How was your week?

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