My Week #46 – More Weddings and More Cake

*The last wedding for a couple of months *Lobster mac and cheese at Cosy Club

*Topher’s mum’s 50th birthday cake *My spare tyre

Aaaaand breathe.

That’s the last busy week for a little while now. You know it’s been busy when the weekend is over and you don’t feel like you had one. Weekends are for sleeping! We had a good time though. Saturday we went to a vow renewal for some of Topher’s step family followed by a reception. And somehow we ended up in town meeting friends for food and drinks at Cosy Club. A long day indeed!

This was immediately followed by the Sunday where we were going out for a meal for Topher’s mum’s 50th birthday. We had ordered a surprise rainbow cake from Hey Little Cupcake and planned on picking it up on the way to her house before dinner.

Unfortunately when I started driving down the road the car felt really wobbly so I pulled over, got out and found a flat tyre. Luckily we were about 30 seconds down the road so I just nipped the car back on the drive.

Ok, plan B. We’ll call a taxi to get us into town. All our local companies were busy. So we walked 10 minutes to a bus route that would get us into town (even though we live in the city, our train station doesn’t get trains on Sundays!). Planning on getting the free metro bus to Spinningfields, we arrived in town. Of course we had just missed one so we walked across town instead. Luckily there were no hitches picking up the cake so we hailed a black cab and got to his mum’s in Salford. Phew.

The rest of the evening went great though. Food at Mowgli, a quick drink in the pub then back to her’s for coffee and cake. I’m so pleased with how awesome the cake was and Tina loved it. So all was well!

The rest of the week was a blur.

It was a combo of Topher starting his 2nd job, me working and sorting out grown up stuff like car insurance and my tyre. Which by the way, I changed to the spare myself! Topher helped too. One downside to me losing weight – when I stood on the tool to get the nuts on the tyre tightened, they went nowhere! Pretty funny, so Topher had to step in there.

In other news, apparently Pickles doesn’t give a damn about sticking his tail in a bowl of water. Not surprising after this.

my week #46 - pickles

How was your week?

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