What month is it again? An update

What month is it again? An update
How is it October already? Well, I’m finally standing still long enough to blog so hello if anyone’s still there! Just a quick hello again. I’ve been a busy bee since I last blogged. I’ve been sorting out boring grown up stuff like bills as well finally having the internet set up in my new London flat. The bf has now joined me so happy times. 
Also, I went on holiday last month to Florida with the bf and his sister which was so fun!


Yeah that’s right, we went to the Disney Halloween party dressed as Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Smee. Say suthin! 😛
Haven’t got up to much since we got back a week ago apart from work and have epic The Walking Dead marathons. I’m shattered. Damn those cliff hangers!
Now I’ve just got to settle into life down south and also get back into the swing of things online. Bring it.
How have you been? Looking forward to Autumn/Winter? Seen anything pretty in the shops? I miss shops.

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