Why I Stopped Comparing My Scrapbook Style

Why I Stopped Comparing My Scrapbook Style

I love making a scrapbook. I’ve always been a fan of memory keeping in one way or another. But when I compared the scrapbooks I make to others I see online, mine never seemed as arty or as well put together. And that used to get me down.

It takes me back to when I had to keep sketchbooks in college for a couple of art classes. I had my own way of displaying things and it didn’t go over well. My tutors weren’t big fans of my style and I ended up getting a D in both subjects. I wasn’t minimal and perfect enough for one and the other I just wasn’t arty farty enough.

I’m glad I didn’t take an art subject at university as I definitely wouldn’t have fit into a box there either. Instead I kept my art to a hobby and made scrapbooks for myself. However that stayed with me and for years I tried to emulate the kind of things I’d seen on Instagram. I even tried Project Life which is literally fitting into boxes.

So how did I stop comparing myself?

Simple. I found my own style. It started when I made my Florida 2015 scrapbook. I can see the beginnings of it there even though I didn’t have the right materials on hand.

florida 2015 scrapbook

It was actually getting into planning which upped my scrapbook game. I suddenly had my hands on stickers and that really helped me develop my style.

So when I made my honeymoon scrapbook I felt free to make whatever I want. I collected so many mementos on the trip and wanted to incorporate them so I did. That was something I hadn’t done before and now I had a place to display everything from the trip. Even things that could be conceived as rubbish like receipts.

honeymoon scrapbook

All I concentrate on is telling a story with a combo of photographs, paper mementos and lots of different patterned papers & stickers. I don’t tend to think about how neat something is and rarely do I incorporate negative space. Just filling the pages with my story is what I focus on and the result makes me smile.

honeymoon scrapbook confetti page
I didn’t realise my handbag was open when I was lying on the confetti floor and I accidentally brought some home with me. So I stuck it in my scrapbook!

I notice the difference now too with my newer scrapbooks. Before I would just smile at the photos and the memories. But now I smile at the whole page. My scrapbooks scream me and my adventures. And that means more to me than having something that other people would perceive as beautiful. Because after all who are you making scrapbooks for if not yourself and those who are close to you?

What scrapbook am I working on now?

I’m currently working on a scrapbook for Topher and I’s Japan trip last year. I’m having the best time and it accurately represents the amazing time we had there. It’s funny that one of my projects in college was actually about Japan and how they do minimalism. You can imagine how well I did. So well that my tutor made me take apart my sketchbook and start again with her help! It tickles me that she would probably have a fit over the Japan scrapbook I’m making right now. It’s definitely not minimal. It’s me.

Japan scrapbook shibuya
Japan Asakusa

So morale of the story; when it comes to hobbies and doing things for fun, you should only please yourself. If it makes you smile, keep on going and to hell with Instagram.

What do you do for fun that’s just for you?

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