Yet another life update

It feels like all I’m writing on this blog is posts like this at the moment. So as well as trying to buy a house, plan a wedding and deal with the loss of someone, I have another bit of news. I am being made redundant. However, I’m not freaking out about it. I’m getting paid for January and my last day is 23rd December. So I’m pretty much getting a month of free wages. I’m actually looking forward to January and I seriously need a break. I’m tired, my body is agreeing and I just want a change.

Once again I put myself in the situation of being in a job I don’t enjoy and I seriously want to get it right next time. I’m going to take my time finding something good and in the meantime I’m going to attempt freelancing. So I’ll be making a couple of additions around here to advertise my skills for hire. Wish me luck. Regular posting will commence for December!

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